Aix les Bains competition in the Sun

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The Aix les bains competition is a new competition in the freediving AIDA French cup, organized by Cyril Pelletier, the brother of Jerome Vigoureux Pelletier.
I must say, that with the help of Jérome Vigoureux Pelletier, Gregory Piazzola and a set of motivated freedivers
providing safety and help, it was a full success.
As discussed with them, they might extend the concept next year to a bigger version with more freedivers participating, and why not with a constant weight disciplin added ... That's a very good idea ;-)
Most of the present freedivers were 'regional' freedivers coming from the close towns, like Grenoble, Lyon, Geneva. Some germans and czechs joined also to participate to the event. Guillaume Nery took part in the event, that was lasting one day more, on monday, with conferences dedicated to students.
Atmosphere was friendly, as most of the times in the AIDA freediving competitions. The competition included the static discipline as well as one Dynamic chosen between with or without fins.
For the men :
Fred Monnot from Club des Dauphins-Geneva does a very nice 4'40'' and a good 100m dynamic. A very good result for a first competition ...
Guillaume had a hard static day and goes out after 5'20''. He is trying a new warm-up technique, that apparently did not work this time. He will then do an easy 106m in DNF, announcing better performances to come for the next competitions. 
On my side, A very pleasant static, with soft contractions leads me to a nice 6'58''.
I then chosed to do the Dynamic without fins, due to the 25m pool length. I finally do a nice 150m and get a 5 point penalty, due to an early grab of the pool.
Pascal Huron manages to do a new personnal Best with a very nice 6'28'' in static. The Lyon team was strong and showed a good presence during the competition.

Video : Last heat of dynamic (no fins) - P. Huron (DSQ-SP) and C. Maldamé (150m)

For the women :
The Clermont Ferrand team takes the lead, with Alice Modolo and Rosa Kong A Siou.
Alice with a very nice 143m and a 4'25'' static easily takes the 1st place, followed by Rosa 100m dynamic and 3'11'' static.

The final Combined results podium is below
total points
1. MODOLO  Alice 71.5 53.0 124.5
2. KONGASIOU Rosa 49.0 38.2 87.2
3. MIGARD  Albine 40.0 47.0 87.0
1. MALDAME Christian 70.0 83.6 153.6
2. WULFF Ulrich  62.5 69.6 132.1
3. PLISSON Gildas  62.0 39.6 101.6

The nice sun, bathing the pool and the competitors outside, remained till the end, for the final podium, enlighting the good results of the day...

We will come back next year !

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