World depth championships part 5 – Opening and Constant No Fins

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Here we are, the World championships are now open




On the 19th of September the first competition day was for the No Fins specialist : Constant No Fins -CNF- Disciplin.

In my particular case, I had decided, this year, not to participate to focus my trainings on depth with CWT and FIM.

Within the french team, Brigitte and Morgan were participating.

Brigitte announced 52m a new French National Record, and stressed by a broken nose-clip some seconds before the top, was unable to reach the bottom-plate. She turned early and missed her dive.

Morgan with 80m announced was 4th on the start list. He successfully did his dive, and with one athlete in front of him missing his dive, took the 3rd place and then the bronze medal in this disciplin. Congratulations for this fantastic result Morgan !




Next events will be the Constant Weight -CWT- on the 22nd of Septembre followed by Free Immersion -FIM- on the 24th. Stay Tuned !

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