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2012, was an important year for me. I dedicated it to think seriously about my coming steps in freediving.

I then decided to retire from competitive freediving !

After 7 years of freediving competition at an international level.

  • 7 years during which I collected an impressive bunch of medals and cup, and 3 'world championships' medals (1 gold and 2 bronzes).
  • 7 years of intense physical and mental training during which I learned a lot on myself ond others too !
  • 7 years at the top of this sport, sharing magical and incredible moments with freedivers...

 My passion for this sport stays ! And I now want to take time to pass to others what all these competitions and trainings learned me.
You will soon see me intervening within conferences, freediving workshops, trainings and coaching sessions.

If you want to stay up to date with my next events, prefer now my academy '' informations via Facebook or my website

See you soon !

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Tanguy 17/12/2012 23:26

That's really cool, now you can come and play with us!!!!

Congrats :)