World's Absolute Freediver Awards

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The World's Absolute Freediver AwardsTM are awards organized by the website


This site, owned by the talented IT specialist Ivo Truxa, is scanning the internet to collect results and data from freediving competitions and athletes all over the world. The site is then offering online reports based on these data.

the data are related to all freediving federations and freediving competitions..., decided to rank the athletes per year in a combination of all of his/her results per disciplin during the year, whatever their federation could be.

This 'combined' ranking gives a real view on the global level of the freedivers not only taking into account a single disciplin and a single performance...


The results are amazing...


I was ranked :

  • 2nd of the world in 2007
  • 3rd of the world in 2008
  • 2nd of the world in 2009

This is a great honor, for me, to be at this position in this ranking, at the side of all these major famous freedivers...


Happy new year 2011 !

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