Dahab Mini Comp and the Arch

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Organized by Freedive International, this initially Mini competition is growing up each year, and was an important Rendez-vous for the depth freedivers.

Limited to 20 athletes and 90m depth, my goal for this competition was to test myself in real ‘competition environment’ and to record official performances that are required for the World Championship National selection process.

I had the choice to perform in 2 disciplines of my choice. I then choosed CWT and CNF as these 2 disciplines are part of my target for the next world championships.

A massive team of Czech guys and girls were there, highly motivated, as well as an important team of Germans and English. Also in the place, well known freedivers as Jure Daic from Slovenia and Per Westin from Sweden, and within the girls Sarah Campbel & Jarmila Slovencikova.

In the end, I performed a nice 84m in CWT and a 62m dive in CNF, that really pleased me, after a significant break in depth competition (10 months in CWT and 18 months in CNF).

110501 stage Dahab 041110501 stage Dahab 042110501 stage Dahab 043110501-stage-Dahab-044.jpg110501-stage-Dahab-045.jpg110501-stage-Dahab-046.jpg110501-stage-Dahab-047.jpg110501-stage-Dahab-048.jpg

      My CWT 84m dive start (thanks to Michael Naef for the picture shots) 

These 2 performances were realized within the bluehole, descending and ascending in front of ‘the Arch’

 A Czech, Roman, took the first place of the competition performing 2 CWT dives, with one 85m over my 84m dive. And then left me the 2ndplace of the competition. Within the girls, Jarmila, Czech again, took the first place. Further results can be found on Freedive International Facebook page.

Following these performances, I decided to pass the arch with fin a second time. ‘Scooter’ Marc Lenoir proposed me to follow me with is scooter. We sticked an UW videocamera on the scooter… And let’s go funky… We did it, and that was huge to go through this amazing 55m deep and 30m long coral tunnel again !


Thanks to Martin Zajac and Sahica Ercumen who helped us for the safety !

I dedicate these performances to my Capoeirist friend, Arisco, who went away some days ago...

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