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Here we are, the Freediving team world championships 2010 are on their way. We are now very close to the beginning. 

I arrived on site this thursday 24th of June, and, together with all the members of the french team, we began to train in the 2 main spots of Okinawa for these championships : the pool and the sea. 

If you want to follow day by day our trainings and fresh news, the best thing is to go directly on my Youtube channel :

You will also get fresh updates on this blog and on Guillaume Nery's blog :

The Sony Ericsson France website will also include news :

The official competition website will probably provide you global news :

 And you can also go on the following forums for alternative sources of news :,,...


Credits Photo - G. Piazzola

 Stay tuned !


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FloCop 29/06/2010 14:51

Allez les poulets faites nous rêver, et assurez de belles perfs !

Merci Christian pour les vidéos quotidiennes qui nous permettent de partager un peu l'ambiance et les évolutions avec vous. Forza!

Bises à tous.