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Here is a set of 2 videos edited by Fred Monnot based on 3 hours of video rushes that I brought back from the Bahamas in December 2009.

First a 3 minute teaser to discover the World championships context


And for the more patient, a 19 minutes video to watch


Enjoy !  And do not hesitate to post me your comments on both of them...

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My next competitions

Nimes Indoor - France, Nimes - 2010-05-09

AIDA team World Championships - Okinawa, Japan - 2010-07-01

Train with me

Training in the Leman lake
. Depth
. Static
. Wrecks discovery

Trainings, courses for freedivers
Team building, coaching for companies

Please email me at contact below


Disciplines in freediving

  • DYN / DNF : swimming underwater in a pool, with / without fins
  • STA: holding the breath while laying still
  • CWT / CNF : diving down with / without fins
  • FIM : diving by pulling yourself down a rope

Sponsors and help

ALTRAN jpeg2

Thanks to :
Guy Ack. in particular for his help and training advices

Competition results

In 2010
> Winner of Besançon Indoor Competition - 2° manche Coupe de France
> Winner of Massy Indoor Competition - 3° manche Coupe de France
In 2009
> Winner of Dahab mini comp 25/10 - -90m CWT
> Overall winner of Nice Abyss contest, 2nd place in CNF - Nice/France
> Winner of Coupe des plongeurs libres -
> Winner of Coupe de Savoie d’apnée
sportive - Aix Les bains/France
> 3rd place of Oslo Ice Challenge, Depth
freediving under-ice -Oslo/Norway
> Winner of Coupe des Dauphins –
In 2008
> Winner at team World Championship
Sharm El sheikh : Gold medal
> 2nd place at the mediterranean Freediving
meeting – Crete / Greece
> Winner at Indoor Switzerland
Championship– Lausanne/Switzerland
> Bahamas ‘Dean’s blue Hole’ Invitational –
Bahamas – Constant without fins
New National Record 62m
In 2007
> 6th place at Individual World
championship in Constant Weight –
Sharm El sheikh/Egypt
> Thermocline Free Invitational –
Dahab/Egypt – Constant without fins
French National Record 60m
> 5th place at Individual World championship
in Dynamic with fins
> 9th place at Individual World championship
in Dynamic without fins
French National Record 150m
> Winner at French Championship - Coupe
des Calanques - Marseille
> Winner of Slovenian Championship MAD
Cup 2007 - static contest
> 3rd place at German Championship RMC
In 2006
> 3rd place at team World Championship
Hurghada - Bronze medal
> 3rd place at German Championship RMC
> Winner of depth Switzerland championship
– Constant weight
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