Winter training time

Publié le par Christian Maldamé

Winter is back again in Europe. In Geneva, winter time is quite cold and most of the time snowy.
Because of the cold lake waters at this season (around 4°C), the depth training are very rare.
I then like to do some cardio training and enjoy the wild life in the neighborhoods.
I like and practise all winter sports, and most of all, I enjoy practising back country skiing and cross country skiing.
This beginning of year is under the sign of the qualification for the next Team world championships, that will take place in Okinawa/Japan beginning of July.
But till then, french nationality athletes have to get qualified. The pre-qualifications will end-up beginning of april and will select a set of 'qualifiable' athletes.
This obliges us to do competition before the 1st of april and come back with as good performances as possible.
That's now my focus, and this is the reason why I will participate to the Besançon and Massy competition in march.
But till march, I prefer to do cardio training and set my mind free with freediving...

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