WC2009 part 7 - Constant With Fins final - all over 100m !

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As I finished 7th of the qualifications heat with a performance of 97m, I was not able to reach the final and have another try.
In this final, for the men, all annoucements were over 100m and 5 of them were over 109m.
Guillaume Nery with 109m annoucement was only 5th in the announcement list...And finally ended up at the 5th place. His dive was impressive in terms of relaxness and easiness while surfacing.
He will surely be able to do far better in competition very soon, increasing his confidence more and more.
All performances were successful, and most of the dives were strongly performed by the finalists.
It was impressive to see so many freedivers going so deep in a row. undoubtly the level keeps on increasing. 
Herbert does an 'easy dive and takes the gold, followed by an Alexei, just limit, but still OK. Finally, Carlos Coste and William Trubridge follows at 110m.
On the women side, Natalia Molchanova takes an 'easy' gold medal with 96m, followed very close by Sarah Campbell with an almost too easy 92m dive.
On the next stage we find Jarmila Slovencikova that performs a very nice 74m for the bronze.
The level is also increasing on the women side, with several women over 70m now, but still, Natalia is 'killing' any competition with her close follower Sarah Campbell.

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Valérie 11/12/2009 11:33

Bravo pour ces perfs!!! J'ai suivi grâce aux vidéos. Parfois j'aurais aimé que vous emportiez une caméra avec vous sous l'eau pour encore plus d'images!
Bonne suite!