WC2009 part 6: Constant No Fins final '-75m', 5th place

Publié le par Christian Maldamé

7th at the initial start I finally finish 5th of this great final of the depth world championship in the Constant No fins disciplin.

An excellent result for me, after this bad season start (DCS in may, and no dive the all summer) and considering that the rest of the freedivers of this final are professional or are leaving close to the sea...

And in the end that is a huge result for the french team :
one bronze medal, one 4th place and 2 fifth place... strongest nation of these world championships with no doubt



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Maldamé Régis 05/12/2009 11:46

Congratulations eih the big underwater boss
and good return home !!!!

Bises bises de tous
Colette Régis and Co !

barchietto 04/12/2009 08:56

Bravo Christian, Félicitations! Tu nous a fait vibrer!