WC2009 part 4 - 1st round : Constant No Fins qualifications

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Here we are, the Freediving World Depth Championships have began.
After a friendly opening ceremony the 25th, the first event took place !

Here are the fundamentals of  these depth world championships :
. 2 disciplines : Constant No Fins CNF & Constant Weight CWT (see acronyms on the side for explanation -> )
. Each discipline will have one qualification heat that will let the 6 best athletes qualify for the finals...
. In case of equal result for the qualification (at the 6th place), the finals will be extended to seven or more persons. (This point is very important you will understand why soon...)
. The others will be ranked from 7 to ... but will have no other chance to dive
4 french in Final - The perfect scenario

This Friday 27th was the CNF qualifications heats for womens :

This start was rough and hard for the women. Sea is very calm and quiet. Everything is smooth, but pressure and stress is at the top !
On 13 women finally competing in CNF, only 6 did a fully succesful dives. A series of bad black-out colded down the atmosphere. Some top level freedivers unfortunately failed there dives, like Kathreen Mc Fee, Jarmila Slovencikova,...

At this little game, our french woman Brigitte Banegas played it well and with a 9th place before diving she finishes 5th and qualifies for the final !
Congratulations Brigitte... Well done for a first season in CNF !

Check Brigitte's interview hereunder 

This Saturday 28th  
was the CNF qualifications heats for mens :
We, the 3 french men, Guillaume, Morgan and myself, realized during the training that our level was quite high, and maybe sufficient to reach a final.
But, how was it possible to qualify the 3 of us, as the number of places is limited to 6... That was almost impossible as we knew that at least 4 others were very strong and that some others could come in the game that we did not know...

After a careful study of our competitors, their performances and the rules of the competition, we decided to play it like that :
. We announce the 3 the same depth, high enough to make sure that we will be within the 6 best
. As we have the same performance = equal result, we can reach the final all.
. Of course this scenario can only work if we all succeed in our performances.

The minima that we decided together was 73m. Which is already a very good performance to achieve, but we 3 had done it in training and knew that we could do it !
This plan worked perfectly :-)
We all 3 achieved our dive and had equal performances. and due to a small 'tag' error from Herbet Nitsch doing 73 points. We finally end up at the 4th place with Herbert and Qualify for the finals of the CNF 

On the front one can see very good performances as William Trubridge at 85m taking the lead of the qualifications.
Full results can be found here http://www.verticalblue.net/events/img/Results%2028-11.jpg 

Check our interview here

The perfect scenario for the french team... and for us, as individuals, as, we are still in an individual championship.

I send warm thanks for all of you that support me/us with your encourageing messages...

The CNF finals for these world championships will take place thursday the 28th of November
But, the next step is coming soon : Tuesday the 16th will be the qualifications heat for the CWT...

Stay Tuned, we can expect big suspense and high performances in these 2 coming events...

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