WC2009 part 3 - training and missed dives

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On this day I give you some additional clues about my 2 last dives performed, and my global feelings about these last training sessions.
Almost all the athletes have now arrived... The pressure is rising up on the platform, and one can see that some divers hide their dives or speak in  some strange invented languages to make sure that others wont know what they are really performing.
A paranoiac feeling can be felt on the platform, giving the dives another dimension.
Finally we are now losing the good sharing and funny spirit that there was before...

On our side, in the french team we still play open game, but as many others do not play this game, we will probably change our mind sooner or later...

But no worries, this is how the competition pressure is rising up... Fear of others and what they might be able to do.
For sure the new model of these world championship : a qualification phase followed by a final (the 6 best performances of the qualification), is also a reason for increasing this behavior.

Please, check here our last comments on our dives, and enjoy the new arrival of Brigitte Banegas as part of the French team. The team is fully ready for the show.

The next 2 days are the last possible trainings, We are getting very close

All Videos are taken with a SONY ERICCSON AINO 

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