WC2009 part 2 - training and ramping up

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Here I am now in my second training break to prepare this World depth championships.

I had 2 days more of training, which is not much, but was enough for me to be able to go back to my regular training level. During these 2 days, I did one dive in CNF and one dive in CWT.
My goal was clearly to validate good performances and be able to improve myself on the coming session.

I went to 72m in CNF for a total time of 2'55''. Even if this dive was quite exhausting (as usual in deep CNF), I was very safe on the surface. my feelings were good on the way up, and I now feel enough confident to go deeper in CNF. 

In CWT, I announced 92m and turned at 87m.
I usually use dive alarms that helps me for the different phases of the dive. During this dive my alarms were wrongly set and provided me controversial indications, After a while, I then decided to turn and come back to surface thinking that I went to 70m+. In fact I was already at 87m, and did a very safe exit.
Even if this dive was missed, I felt quite strong on the surface, and feel sufficiently well to go deeper on next stage...

For the others as well the performances are increasing day after day...
Guillaume and Morgan are doing better and better in CNF and CWT, check the video hereunder.

And Patrcik is going back to his best level in CWT with - 85m

All videos are taken with a Sony Ericcson AINO

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Stay Tuned we are getting closer to the main event...

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