Training in Dahab with Blue immersion

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I am now in Dahab training and preparing myself for the depth world championships that will come soon.
This is the occasion for me to train with Patrick Bouillon and Akim Adhari, the owners of the Blue Immersion freediving school.
They very gently invited me to train with them and share their appartment in Dahab.
We all go almost daily to the blue hole and train there.
Once again for me it is time to go back to basic training. My training break this summer makes it hard for me
to equalize deep. I then need to work the equalizing technic to automatize it. On the other hand I feel very good regarding apnea time, and feel that I am now ready to do some very long dives, in CNF or in CWT.

Patrick is now providing a 4 star AIDA course to Annah, a scottish freediver that shows good abities to freedive and hold her breath. On the other hand he is working on his no fins dives and is now between 40 and 50m deep.

Akim, his teammate his doing very well. Real newcomer of the year, he is already doing dives over 100m in CWT.
Good spearfisherman, having french and tunisian nationalities and still not competing. He will probably come soon on the competition circuit and hit hard in the rankings... 

Both of them are leaving in Dahab all year round and are providing courses and trainings via their 'Blue imersion' school a good school with great instructors that can teach you seriously and efficiently freediving.

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