-90m in CWT and competition winner

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Egypt - Dahab - Blue hole. This sunday 25th of october, the sea is perfectly flat and calm, everything is quiet.
That is the perfect moment for this depth competition, organized by Lotta Ericson, for the freedivers present in Dahab.

On my side, for this important test before the world championships, I decided to announce -90m in CWT. I felt well the previous days of training and I really want to check if I will be able to achieve this depth before putting additional meters to the line...

And here are the results :
On the men side
  • Per Westin turns at -71m after a -74m attempt in CWT
  • Victor ? sets-up a new national record for Ukraine at -60m in CWT
  • A new national record is also set-up for Lituania with -45m in CWT

On the women side
  • Ingela does a succesful 45m dive
  • Wendy Timmermans turns at -61m for a -64m FIM announce
  • And Kathreen Mac Fee fails in a -54m CNF dive

With a successful CWT dive at -90m, I finally win this competition.
My feelings were extremely good, and I clearly feel enough well to increase my nexts perfomances. Time will tell...

Thanks to the organisation and safety for their good jobs. 

Further results can be found on deeperblue.net
All pictures above were shooted by Wendy Timmermans 

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GreG. 10/11/2009 17:54

Salut Christian,
Bravo pour tous ces bons résultats, l'arche et le soleil que tu nous ramènera des Bahamas le mois prochain.

JC H 05/11/2009 09:40

Félicitation, ces bonne profondeurs laissent augurer le meilleur pour les bahamas. Cyrnéa te passe le bonjour et espère que tu vas tout déchirer la bas!