The programme : 1st Quarter 2009

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Beginning of 2009 is a new start of a competition season.

This season will be particularly long, as we know that it will end-up with the depth World Championship 2009, that will take place in the bahamas, end November 2009.

For this reason, I prefer not to start too early and will keep some strength and mental force for the end of year.

Heavy training is physically but also mentally demanding. This mental aspect is probably the hardest to manage : keep the high motivation to push yourself more and more... Knowing that this effort will need important sacrifice in your daily life : putting aside a part of your social life, being sometimes very tired, missing important 'local' events, refusing attractive invitation, and so on...
In a way building up a calendar is an important task, to keep in mind these aspects.

I personnally like more freediving in open waters (pool stays a training for me). For that reason, winter is more dedicated to foundation  training and fun than anything else...

Check what I plan for these 3 first months 2009:

Major event for the beginning of this year :
  • Salon de la Plongée (Diving exposition) - Paris/France - 10/11 January
The all French team will propose conferences and demonstration in the pool of the Salon. link

If all the conditions are met, a New World Record Attempt is planned in 'Team static', with the french men Natioanl team : Guillaume, Morgan and myself.
Goal : beat the 20'13'' static world record set-up by the Danish national team
  • Coupe des Dauphins 2009 - Geneva/Switzerland - 24/25 January
This major competition of the freediving winter calendar will host, once again, the best freedivers of Europe that will come to compete.
For those interested, registration is still open there : link
  • Oslo Ice challenge - Oslo/Sweden - 7/8 March
A fun competition, the first competition ever under Ice ! A very nice challenge to try :-)
more information here : link

And for the rest of the season ? Everything stays open...

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