the Greeks do the break & the Kiwis Collapse

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After 2 days of break the Static event began very quick for the French team : Guillaume, Christian, Morgan and Francine the first day, Solenn and Julie the second day.
2 days of and incredible drama for the static events. The full results are available in the gallery.

The first day, the men's french team began with Guillaume and a clean 6'10''
I follow and do a good 6'37'', I go out just at the right time, another white card.
Morgan follows and do a 6'07'', personal best for him

We end-up with an average of 6'18''. Our goal was to secure a 6'20'' to limit the losses.
True, the static is not our speciality and we wanted to avoid any red card. We end-up 7th on the static ranking.
We knew that the other nations were stronger, and here are their results.

First of all, the greeks, very strong do 2 major performances over 7'. the next day they will add a 6'30'' that will allow them to secure the first place of the competition.

A huge start for the kiwis, with an incredible 8'18'' static Dave Mullins sets-up the level.
The next day William Trubridge and Ant Williams, just have to do a safe static to take the first place.

But, the incredible happens ... William Trubridge does a hard 6'30'' but white card and Ant Williams pushes too much and do a severe Black-out at 7', definitely burrying the gold medals wishes for New Zealand. Too bad for them...

The Tchecks do a good set of static, and with an average over 6'30'' come back in the race for the podium.
The swede take good white cards with a good overall average.
The finnish guys with 3 performances over 7' do the best results of this event. Well done guys !

For the swiss team : Nicolas unfortunately makes a BO at 7', losing any chance of doing a good final result, And peter Weinmann does a limit, but white card, 5'08''.

For the Women :
The russian secure easily their static with 7' for Natalia Molchanova and 5'40'' for Natalia Avseenko, and Olga Suryakova 4'40''.

The US fighting for the 2nd place with Canada place a smart protest against an incredible performance from the Quebecian girl Julie Bisaillon ( 6'13'') and win taking the 2nd place of the event.

The swede stupidly miss their statics and end-up at the 8th place.
The Japanese girl keep on doing well and secure their second place

Our french girls do good performances : Solenn 4'39'', Julie 5'06''  and Francine 5'10''... No new french record, and good feelings for them. Not enough to go back in the race for the podium.

The swiss girls do good results. Claudia does a new swiss national record with a very nice 6'02''. Well done Claudia.
And Joanna does an easy/lazy 5'20''. Come on Joanna, you can do better !

Here are the finalized results after the 2 events :

Still the Dynamic with fins event to come :
The pool is 25m long, with a bad step of 1m. The turn will, thus, be of great importance in such a pool.

Water is 34°C warm, which is probably a bit too high for good performances, but all the nationale teams are ready to show what they can do...

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Fred 09/09/2008 21:41

Encore des jolies perfs homogenes en static. Bon courage et bonne chance pour la dynamique, le champagne n'est pas loin. Tiens nous au courant.