Constant Weight : first event, the results

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This second day was full of new incredible surprises.

Once again, the sea is rough. one meter waves are rolling the athletes on the surface. The only adavntage is that the conditions are the same as yesterday, which gives a kind of equity for the athletes.

The full list of results with the final 'after first event ranking' is available in the gallery, go and check it after having read the following news.

For the women :
The French team makes a bad start. Francine, does a nice 50m dive but misses stupidly her surface protocol... Maybe a bit 'pushed' to her limits, she does not remove her mask before doing the OK sign.
Julie is following and does a very nice 62m dive. Giving 62 points to the team.
Unfortunately, these results does not allow them to rank better than 8 on 11 teams. That's a pity.

At the same time Natalia Avseenko, with a samba, is disqualified... The russian team, large favorite for the Gold medals, loses a large opportunity to make good points... But a smart protest will allow them to go back to the comp. and finally end-up 1st of this first round.
We can note the very strong results of the Japanese girls. The american and the Canadian are very close for the podium.

And for the men :
At first with 80m, Morgan starts, all the french team waiting for him... Full suspense. His dive is delayed from 15 min. due to the waves that pushed the safety boats away, he has to wait...
Here he dives in the waves... after 2'40 of full suspense we see him coming back with the tag. 80m fine, and the protocol is well done with a very strong dive ! Well done Morgan ...
With this 3rd succesful result, the french team takes the first place of the first round of the competition !! Well done team mates...

Because at the same time, some good dives were made : Weine (sweden) with 72m, blows his eardrums at 40m and keeps on sinking, he comes back with the tag and secures the dive. A real 'Viking' dive in the old style. But some pain for him in the next days. Johann Dahlstron (Sweden also) also secures a nice 85m dive.
As well as our friend Antero Joki that makes a very nice 80m dive... Nice for him and the finnish team.

Karpis Juraj (Slovakia) with 100m does a bad Black-out and finally loses any chance for the podium.

And the incredible comes with New zealand, the large favorites of this World Championship :
Ant Williams does 82m but with a grab of the line gets 10 points less.
And... Dave Mullins has to turn at 92m (104m announced) and makes 'only' 79 points !!
The Kiwis takes a bad 'shot' and secure 206 pts, and the 5th place.

Here are the final 'intermediate' results :

1. France : with the biggest amount of points ever made in competition after the first event : 260 points !!!

2. Greece
3. Tchek republik
4. Sweden
5. New Zealand

But the hard work, in the pool, still remains, no hurrah or Cocorico now!
The other teams are very strong and the greeks are at only 3 points from us !

Every things still has to be done, lets take event by event and performance by performance.

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