AIDA Team World championship 2008 very soon

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The AIDA World Championships begin this Sunday 30th of August :

Location : Sharm El Sheik, same spot as for the Individual depth World championship of 2007

Ricci and his team are preparing this event since a while... Everything is ready for the national delegations of all the world to come. More than 60 countries are awaited.

Each country send 4 athletes : 3 will compete and one will be a reserve. The reserve athlete will be designated at the first event, and the 3 athletes of the team will remain the same until the end of the championship, whatever happens...

For the French team :
Men :
Guillaume Nery
Morgan Bourch'is
William Winram
Christian Maldamé

The reserve athlete is not selected yet, and I can tell you that there is a high pressure on each of us, to know who is going to compete or not.
2 months that we are heavily training to be in the final team... wooof, not easy to keep the good spirit in such 'internal' competition.
The choice will not be easy for the national selector Gregory Piazzola as our performances are very close from each other.

Women :
Solenn Launay
Julie Gautier
Francine Kreiss
No reserve so no choice to make ;-)

Coach : Cyril Paulet
Selector : Gregory Piazzola

For the Swiss team :
Men :
Nicolas Guerry (former World champion in static)
Peter Weinmann

Women :
Claudia Rollero
Joanna Massacand

Coach : Marco Melileo

With 2 persons per team instead of 3, the swiss team can not really compete against the other team : pity !

The World Team championship have 3 disciplines :

Depth : CWT - Constant Weight with Fins
Time : Static
Distance : Dynamic with fins

Each athlete will have to compete in each of them, which gives a total of 9 performances for a team.
The points are added, and this will give the final ranking of the championship.

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