The frenchies and the russians at the top....

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The competition is over, 3 days of intense and hard depth competition.
New National and World records were set-up...

Let's go back to Saturday, when I left you on my previous post...

2nd day of competition, saturday, was a day of rest for most of the freedivers... But not for all : the french in particular with Guillaume, Julie, Bérangère, William and myself decided to go for the points.

Harder to do 3 deep dives in a row, day after day, but of course more points to grab.
The thing is just to avoid any error, and be precise and reasonable on the announcements.

This saturday, the weather is bad : important wind, with waves, moreover the current is very important for the first 25m.
The warm-up lines are in diagonal, with a huge angle. The performance line is just vibrating with the current. Not easy to dive in such conditions ;-) !
The organizer had left the possibility to lower down our announcement in the transition zone.
We could lower down for max. 10m our announcement 10 minutes before.

Due to the conditions, that's what I did, Guillaume too...
Finally, this saturday, the performances are not so huge because of that :

  • Guillaume does a nice 93m (98m -5m), Julie 62m, Bérangère misses her dive and turns at 20m
  • William with a WR announce : 88m in CNF, turns at 30m feeling the huge current drifting him
  • I do a clean conservative 74m (84m - 10m)

A lot of dive will be shallower than planned due to the conditions.
A particular congratulations for Giankos Manolis that does a new greek NR with 58m in CNF, in such conditions.
I saw him coming up for his 20 last meters and he was fully swimming horizontally to fight against the current .... Well done !

Day 3, last day of competition :
All the freedivers decided to dive (except Robert, what a strange choice to rest the last day Robert, hu ?! ;-) )
This was another incredible day...
25 participants with lots of greeks, and a new WR announced by Natalia, and a NR announced by Alexei...
So what !
Some wind and waves this sunday, but the current is not as strong as yesterday. Still some to cope with.

After the first set of 'local' greek that did nice dives, Bérangère does an easy 34m, Julie does a 58m and Anna does a 40m CWT dive.

The 'over 80s' come :
Giankos Manolis does a good 85m in FIM for a new greek NR.
Then comes Natalia with 85m in FIM , new WR try and... Done ! Once again big respect for her stamina and focus. That's a new WR !
Will fails in his new attempt to 88m in CNF with an early turn. True that the conditions were not at the top this sunday.

I follow and do a good 88m dive in CWT . my first 'over 80' dive of the season... A very nice dive,perfect technically, and a very safe exit. Good equalization, good turn, packed in 2'40'' as announced. But my ascent is filled by 'bad trip' pictures of a severe Narcosis.
I am happy about this good dive, that leads me back to my last year level in a worth environment and conditions : current and waves, and long training and competition (5 days of performances non stop in a row).
This also gives me the sufficient points to finish 2nd of the competition !
With such a level, that's a huge result for me ;-)

Carlos does a clean 92m in FIM
Alexei follows with 101m in CWT... Easy dive for him : he enters the 'over 100m club' (5th in the world to do so in competition). Well done Alexei !
Guillaume is following with a conservative 95m (-7m from his initial annoucement). He does it easily and collects the good points to win the competition.

The final results of the competition :
Men :
1. Guillaume Nery
2. Christian Maldamé
3. Alexei Molchanov

Women :
1. Natalia Molchanova
2. Julie Gautier
3. Annah Von Boetticher
4. Bérangère Duclos

Left to right : Herbert, me, Alexei, Guillaume

Left to right : Bérangère, Anna, Julie, Natalia and Stavros

This competition was very well organized by Stavros, that did a huge job during these 2 weeks.Thanks to him and the all 'greek' team with whom I spent a very nice time !

  Left to right : Alexis, Nicos 'PFK', me, manos, Andreas : Safeties, helps, expertise and ... Spearfishing buddies.

Warm thanks also to Kimo and Iota, our judges.

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Bruno Beauverger 29/07/2008 20:56

énorme tout simplement!!!! félicitations à toute la délégation française réunie pour l'occasion
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Fred 29/07/2008 20:48

Et ben classe
jolies perfs, et une très belle seconde place, félicitations
Bravo à Bérangère pour ces belles perfs aussi
A bientot quelque part sous le lac