New World Record in CNF : 84m !!

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We were all waiting for it... William Trubridge did it

After a 3'25'' dive, he surfaced clean, and was able to make his protocol quickly.

Under water, he looked very clean and in control, with his classical 'gliding' style.
Huge Performance from William.

This same day Dave Mullins was trying to do 111m in CWT : After a 4'14'' dive (!!!) he surfaced in a serious samba, and was not able to do his surface protocol in the official 15''...
Some speed problems to fix. Discussing with him after his dive, he told me that his ascent lasted 2'45'' ... Wooowww, that's way to long ;-) !

Personnaly, I announced 70m in CNF today, after a very good warm-up, I was ready to go and feeling good. Unfortunately, I probably 'packed' a bit too much or had a low blood pressure today... At official top, I was feeling almost in 'packing Black-out' and began to go down slowly. At 15m when i realized where i was, seeing lots of stars, I definitely choose not to take any risk... I went down to 30m and back up slowly !
Better luck next time for me !

This was my last day in the Bahamas. I am going back to Geneva tomorrow early.

I Hope that you enjoyed this trip with me !

PS: If you need any information, in french, about the terms CNF,CWT,FIM... Go on this site :

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