The competition still goes on...

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Today was a rest day for me.

I then took the opportunity to do some safety and take a look at the others.

William Winram announced 84m... A tentative for a WR in CNF.
I coached him for this dive : unfortunately he had to turn at 64m... Feeling the urge to breathe too early
Better luck next time for him.

Still 2 attempts possible for him. (leaving on monday and resting tomorrow)

I safetied William Trubridge on a 101m FIM dive (very close to WR). He had to turn early because of equalization problems... 97m.

Then, I safetied Dave mullins : 'Moby dick' had announced a 108m dive in CWT... (very close to WR)...

His dive was clean and very easy. He finally came up 30 seconds later than announced, and i had to wait at 20m for him.
Hopefully I could hear the sound of his monofin doing 'clong, clong' and knew that he was still finning up.
He is impressive, i have no doubt that if everything goes allright, he will 'explode' the WR of Herbert Nitsch (113m) during the next days...

Probably some hard work for Guillaume Nery ;-) !

Tomorrow he announced 111m in CWT...
William Trubridge announced 84m in CNF : new WR possible

and me.... A deep CNF... But I keep the suspense ! ;-)

Guillaume and Julie left us for France today.
Tomorrow is my last day here...

Stay tuned !
And check official results on William's Trubridge verticalblue site !

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