New French National Record in No Fins : 62m !

Publié le par Christian Maldamé

I made it this morning !!

Feeling really relaxed, with a very bad weather : lot of wind and rain and a bad underwater visibility (5m) ...

After a delay of one hour in my dive due to some person that went away with the car ... And my equipment inside !!
I easily Did 62m in Constant No Fins. No equipment, just breastroke movements, in 2'45''.
the video of my bottom turn : link

I am very happy about this result as I missed the same depth yesterday, because of poor equalization (I had to turn at 57m)

Today, William Winram after 91m in FIM announcement, had to turn earlier (70m)
Yesterday, Guillaume Nery after 90m in CWT announcement, had to turn earlier (70m)

The conditions are not ideal, and lots of dive are not succesful because of early turns (ears, bad conditions,...) !
But the surface exits are clean in the overall.

For the rest of the results, please check here : Vertical Blue

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poggi patrick 03/04/2008 09:57

felicitation super perf
mais pourquoi tu ecris en anglais lol
(je comprend rien)
a tres bientot
ciao ciao

Stéphane Tourreau 03/04/2008 09:52

Ha.. S'est sa le Fun? Malgré des conditions de fou tu a encore réussi à tout faire péter!!lol
Félicitation!! Dommage, on dirait que la liste des participants diminue sérieusement! Bonne continuation! A+ Steph

Fred 02/04/2008 21:06

Félicitations........jolie perf

En fait tu avais tes repères aujourd hui, même visi que dans le lac
Bonne chance pour la suite