Training time 2

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After one day of stop due to my blocked sinuses... I went back to training.

Saturday, as I was feeling a bit sick, was technically oriented. Series of low depth training, in a quiet way.
For a test in CNF (go down and up without fins, breastroke technic), I do 58m easily (2m far from my French National Record)...
Surprised by this result, it gives me more confidence for the next training.

Sunday is depth oriented, and I decide to do an attempt at 85m in CWT (with fins).
Unfortunately i have to turn at 76m due to equalization... I really need to work this out again and again.
My no depth training for 5 months is paid 'cash' here.
I will have to stay in reasonable depth for the competition. My ears wont let me go further.

But, I was feeling very good for the rest, apnea time in particular. This gives me more confidence for the next dives.

Today is a rest day, we will go to help to set-up the line system for the competition in the bluehole. And try to make some nice videos. we hope that the visibility is going to be good.
The weather is turning very fast here, and after a beautiful sun, storms quickly come and lower down the water visibility dramatically.

Competition officially starts tomorrow, my next post will be dedicated to annoucements of the athletes ...

New World records are going to be announced for sure.... Stay Tuned !

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